Artificial intelligence is going to impact and disrupt an innumerable number of domains and industries over the coming up years; among all, healthcare is one that is going to witness the most significant paradigm shift.

Conversational AI in healthcare

Believe it or not, Artificial intelligence in healthcare is a reality. However, one of the most pressing problems the USA faces is a dearth of access to healthcare.

According to the estimation of WHO, a shortage of 4.3 billion doctors, nurses, and other health professionals across the globe, which is a negative sign for the welfare of patients.

When it comes to India, according to…

Growth is desired by all businesses but in order to grow and upscale a business, a lot of resources are needed. Apart from the right business strategy, you need a lot of people to execute tasks,


Well, maybe not anymore now because the technology of artificial intelligence has raised to the point that they have the power to automate…

A virtual assistant takes care of tasks that are important in many areas of business. That could be both technical and also non-technical aspects. Many organizations have been recruiting virtual assistants for many years. However, with an advancement of technology particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence personal assistants have been effective and efficient enough to be brought into the business.

However, choosing the perfect virtual assistant that suits exactly your needs is still hard. There are a lot of options to choose from and a lot of considerations to make.

In this article, let us discuss all…

Chatbots vs Intelligent Cognitive Virtual Assistants

In this age of digital transformation where businesses are moving to digitize and automate many operations, chatbots and various cognitive virtual assistants are being highly adopted. Not only is customer service, but they are quite useful in internal operations as well. However, the actual difference between them is poorly understood.

The confusion is not completely people’s fault as both chatbots and virtual assistants have been developed during the same time but while marketing and reaching out, weren’t explained to people well.

Conversational AI for Enterprises

Chatbot space is diverse and there is a huge list of chatbots that are being used in various areas. Recently, Enterprise chatbots are picking up popularity and are the newest AI chatbot that is receiving wide attention.

Till now, you might have heard about AI chatbots for customer service that responds to users’ queries and routes requests to agents.

Think the same but replace the customers with employees of an organization and you basically would get an enterprise chatbot.

There are a lot of advantages for enterprise chatbots, but there are many challenges too. …

Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Natural Language Understanding(NLU), along with other technologies like big data analytics form the core part for providing great Conversational experiences.

Though these technologies have been there for many years, it is only recently that they have obtained the level of accuracy for being adopted by people.

In this article, we will understand how important NLP and NLU are across all of your customer service channels. But first, let us have a basic discussion about the customer service channels and the technologies we are talking about: NLP and NLU.

Huge volumes of traffic coming to your site is good but is only useful when a high percentage of them actually convert and do what you want them to do. So, along with focusing on bringing a huge volume of traffic to the site, it is also important to have a solid customer conversion strategy that brings a lot of customer conversion rates.

Among others, Personalization is an important driving force for customer conversion. Right now, Conversational AI has a huge potential for providing a greater degree of personalization easily.

Many companies are implementing Conversational AI in their sales conversion…

conversational ai in e-commerce

Thanks to the internet, the world is more connected than ever before and businesses can easily reach their customers through the network. With more and more people using the internet to access the services, the demand for a better experience and problem resolution is increasing at a pace that it might be hard for businesses to reach the expectations.


It is Estimated that every year, 265 billion customer service requests are made and money as much as $1.3 Trillion is being spent to satisfy the customer…

Multilingual Chatbot

As the internet is a global phenomenon and your current and potential customers are spread virtually the entire globe, localization is an important factor to consider. If you localize your website in a better way, you have more chances for reaching out to a wide range of people in a way they prefer and appreciate.

Also, not only in geography, users differ in the problems they face, needs they have, and a lot of other ways. A Voice assistant is a convenient way for users to interact with and get all their problems solved. With advancements in technology, particularly in…

Cognitive Conversational AI

Machines started to respond to humans based on the intents we humans provide.

It is here AI in business began for conversation purposes.

But the problem is AI will respond to the trained intent or utterances.

It has become a bottleneck for the enterprise in handling natural language used by the customers.

To solve this, AI companies started developing Cognitive AI technologies that have given birth to cognitive conversations.

And Cognitive Artificial intelligence is one of the latest innovations made by AI.

Every innovation motive is to build solutions that solve business problems.

AI professional experts also predict that in…

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