Evolving Omnipresence Of AI Chatbots In Healthcare

Industry insiders have predicted exponential growth in the Healthcare AI Market, which is expected to reach USD 45.2 Billion by 2026 from USD 4.9 Billion recorded in 2020. The evolving omnipresence of intelligent medical AI Chatbots is only a reflection of this rather speedy progress.


Chatbots vs Intelligent Cognitive Virtual Assistants

In this age of digital transformation where businesses are moving to digitize and automate many operations, chatbots and various cognitive virtual assistants are being highly adopted. Not only is customer service, but they are quite useful in internal operations as well. However, the actual difference between them is poorly understood.

Nuacem AI

Nuacem.com is one of the world’s leading Conversational AI suite. Nuacem is an AI-powered Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform that offers the full features

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