Augmented Intelligence: The Right Mix Of Human Intelligence and AI

Augmented Intelligence

We are listening to a lot about AI, which has become the need of the hour and some feel it to be a relatively new tech.

But, AI is not new. Many have been working on the conceptualization of artificial intelligence since the 18th century.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly stirring from a fascinating technology to a prevailing colleague and a foundation for consumer and enterprise decision making.

As per the IDC prediction, the worldwide AI and cognitive systems revenue will rush past $47 billion by the end of 2020.

At present, if we look at the current state of Artificial Intelligence, it is so promising with Natural language understanding, deep learning, neural networks, and computer vision.

Companies are competing to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their platform, but tech professionals are beginning to see cracks in the inexorable pursuit.

The best efficiency and productivity come when there is a synergy between AI and human intelligence.

Augmented intelligence uses the intelligence of both (AI and humans) to get exceptional results.

According to the MMC venture report, 40% of technology companies claim that they are using Artificial Intelligence, but they aren’t.

And some AI technologies still tussle to complete tasks that can be done quickly by a human.

But the point is, humans have trust issues with complete intelligent automation of critical tasks. And they still look and depend on human decisions.

In the next five years, AI does not fully automate critical tasks due to some good reasons.

The first one is, it is a human-specification of the model, and the second one is we lack understanding of these models.

This is where Augmented Intelligence comes into the picture, which is a weapon and shield of the future.

In this blog, you will get inclusive information about Augmented Intelligence, and it gives comprehensive insights to enterprises and technology executives about this exciting new world.

Understanding Augmented Intelligence

There is a misconception that machine Augmented Intelligence will take away jobs.

The goal of Cognitive Automation is to improve human decision-making abilities.

In Augmented Intelligence, both humans and machines will do their best to make the right decision.

But, when we look into reality, the new era of technology helps humans be better at the job than replacing the human workforce.

The new technology will use AI techniques such as NLP, computer vision, ML, pattern recognition, and spatial navigation for various business domains.

Conversational AI Platform
Conversational AI Platform

How does the augmented intelligence system work?

Let us take a small use case from the same industry called Machine prediction of machine defects and maintenance.

The predictive maintenance system fetches the sensor data, temperature, vibration, and pressure from the production line.

Now the collected data will be transferred to an AI model. As the AI model is designed to analyze sensor data, the model will predict machine failure probability by 50 % in the next 24 hours.

That leads to the stoppage of the production to decrease the losses.

With augmented intelligence, you explain the reason along with the output prediction.

It gives the reason for that 50% machine fault, as there is an increase in vibration level today.

And the technology will send a notification to the workers by pinpointing the reason for machine maintenance.

Now, the worker will come into the mainframe. As the worker is human and he did not possess any model specification.

The worker knows the spike in vibration due to the construction work done next to the afternoon machines.

The worker reports that it’s not a machine fault by providing the reason for fluctuation, which saves a lot for the company and that costs your workers two to five minutes.

Combining the wealth of information from AI with a human touch is what makes Augmented technology more robust.

Nuacem’s Augmented Intelligence models will simulate various scenarios to determine which one will provide the best solution for a particular problem.

Our solutions help customers better understand the complexity of their environment and help in making the optimal decisions.

Things you necessitate to discern as regards Augmented Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has evolved from an unknowable academic field to a powerful socio-economic change driver since its commencement.

Now, AI has become a platform for many mainstream technologies such as web voice search, smartphone apps, healthcare diagnosis, and the most recent one is autonomous self-driving cars.

Opportunities (social and economic) created by AI will have a direct impact on human capabilities. Many industries are focusing on introducing new technologies that will enhance the performance of humans.

Augmented intelligence imitates the ongoing impact of AI in magnifying HI (Human Intelligence).

Inventiveness will thrive

AI and Machine learning can rejuvenate a waning industrial society, which indirectly supports long-term innovation.

According to Alvin Toffler and Peter Drucker, our current era is considered a knowledge economy or information age.

But, according to Daniel Bell, the current characterization of the current era is a creative age.

Even though computers automate daily mundane tasks, they will also augment work that needs problem-solving, creativity, and social alliance.

In the creative age era, built-in passion is becoming mandatory for tech professionals by which economic needs are becoming dependent on entrepreneurial and innovative innovation.

Final words

We have a dichotomy of crossroads in front of us.

It is our choice whether to turn our backs on technology or go after these challenges and figure out how we leverage its potential.

Technology will improve the quality and productivity of an enterprise by minimizing costs.

I believe, usage of Nuacem’s Augmented Intelligence platform will change the enterprise’s fate and can catapult your business ahead of your competitors.

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