Cognitive Conversational AI To Drive 360* Customer Engagement

Cognitive Conversational AI

It is an adage that hasn’t changed, and it is probably more real today than in old brick-and-mortar times.

Today customers are well informed; more than 70% of the awareness cycle during a customer’s journey is completed before engaging with businesses.

A 360-degree view of customer engagement during the entire customer engagement cycle is a crucial principle to be followed for happy and returning customers.

According to the IBM CEO study’s research, 72% of CEOs say that an individual customer needs response time as their top priority; another keynote to remember is that customer engagement is no longer confined to support and sales.

In recent times, 360* Customer engagement has been a continuing struggle for many enterprises. Enterprises have been trying various solutions to increase customer engagement, but there is a gap between customer expectations and outcomes. We at Nuacem AI try to reduce the gap.

Nuacem AI’s Cognitive Conversational AI technology helps enterprises solve the 360 engagement problem and take customer engagement to the next level. This article explains how exactly Cognitive Conversational AI can help in improving customer engagement for enterprises.

Easy to scale

Cognitive Conversational AI provides solutions around customer engagement in primarily three areas

  • Conversational AI-powered Virtual Assistants can have conversations with thousands of users simultaneously with consistency in communication.
  • With cognitive solutions, customers can be more decisive with the least dependency on human agents.
  • This process can seamlessly be duplicated for multiple customer touchpoints and drive more constant engagement cycles.
  • As business workflows scale, enterprises can add multiple cognitive intelligence bots and build better customer engagement solutions.

Adapts to customer’s pace and knowledge

The Cognitive Conversational AI platform’s real power enables users to get to solutions with the least amount of MTTR (Mean time to Resolution).

When a customer interacts with AI in the system, it will consider information on the customer’s preferences, choices, and opinions.

It results in an overall better customer experience for customers and generates useful insights for enterprises.

All information is gathered with AI-powered analytics, reused to model better engagement models through hyper-personalized recommendations.

Easy and quick answers

Waiting times for a customer while seeking help with a human agent to resolve their issue could be significantly reduced. We found that, on average, a customer spends 43 days of their life on call hold.

This kind of experience results in a bad CSAT. Most businesses use rule-based Chatbots that can resolve regular and repetitive tasks, which is a good practice. These bots can be quick to respond; however, they cannot provide customized experience contextual to the scenario.

Cognitive Conversational Artificial Intelligence can solve this problem. This technology reduces communication barriers and speeds up the resolutions by reducing human dependencies.

Never-ending conversations on track

Customers seek personalized engagement and consistent communications at all touchpoints.

While booking a flight on a travel website, customer engagement is significant for an excellent customer experience.

The need to input passenger details could be a monotonous and redundant task. Every time the customer needs post-booking services like checking flight status, check-in for a boarding pass, customize seat preference, upgrade to business class, or redeem travel miles. All these touchpoints can be sensitized, customized, and intelligently augmented using a Cognitive Conversational AI platform seamlessly. All this while interacting with virtual agents and using natural conversational language native to the customer.

Final words

Customer Experience is a journey, and it can only be accomplished in the continuous pursuit of improving every point in a customer engagement cycle all the time.

Customer engagement is a 360* omnichannel & omnipresent challenge faced by digital enterprises of today for which Cognitive Conversational AI could be the Omni solution to deliver a seamless, consistent experience. is one of the world’s leading Conversational AI suite. Nuacem is an AI-powered Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform that offers the full features