Conversational AI to Automate Your Contact Center

Automate Your Contact Center

Currently, every enterprise focuses on providing exceptional customer service for their customers as customer expectations continue to increase and change, and hence they are spending vast amounts on contact centers.

According to our research, on average, every call center invests $15 for a single call.

Moreover, the Covid19 pandemic has affected almost all industries. Among all the industries, the customer service industry or contact center is the most affected.

At present, there are two prolonged challenges faced by the customer service industry; they are:

  • The first one is the surge of requests from existing and new customers. The requests can be like, whether my booked tickets amount will be refundable or not? Are the flight tickets transferable?
  • The next one is, stretched and limited human resources to handle those vast volumes.

Moreover, in this current pandemic situation, the physical contact centers are also working with a limited number of resources to follow social distance norms.

Although being faced by these challenges, customer service cannot be skipped. In the heat of commotion, enterprises are looking out for new and innovative solutions that take the new process by try and test methods to automate and enhance the engagement and service in totality.

It is the reason most enterprises are looking after the companies offering the best Conversational AI services, and there is a buzz about the prevalence of conversational AI in the contact center or customer care service industry.

You may think, why conversational AI when we have rule-based Chatbots in use.

The bots resolve immediate pain points, and it misses all other remaining touchpoints in the customer journey.

When it comes to conversational AI, it builds an ecosystem by covering all customer journey touchpoints, which gives a high-end customer experience for the user and offers various operations benefits for the organizations.

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Four key ways to revolutionize your contact center with Conversational AI

Master intelligent bot for all departments

The contact center’s prime motive is to simplify customer lives by offering a seamless online experience without considering the department they belong too.

The master intelligent Chatbot brings technical support, sales, and customer service together. These will manage complete customer journeys with the help of existing Chatbots, knowledge bases, back-end systems, and other resources to provide a proper response.

The Conversational AI-powered approach will help enterprises control their specific domain to provide a frictionless user experience.

Nuacem’s Conversational AI solutions help enterprises by providing a single multi-lingual intelligent bot for all departments, which helps companies save costs from hiring and training new employees.

Enhanced Omnichannel customer experience

Customers get annoyed by using a single channel for communicating with the contact center if other channels don’t have the functionality.

In this digital tech world, the customer expects a lot from business, so they want to interact with companies on their terms with their choice of communication tools.

Here Conversational AI comes into play as it allows you to offer the same experience over every channel because customers can type/ask what they require.

The omnichannel application connects to your back-end to provide a seamless user experience.

The omnichannel approach helps the companies build faith and acquaintance with customers to augment the app’s use. And it also helps in increasing the digital engagement of a particular brand or enterprise.

Automating traditional IVR

Contact centers have been heavily investing in back-end automation, such as robotic process automation technology.

Integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has shown a more significant impact on the contact centers. Still, it is not that easy for a customer to resolve their issue by connecting to the system.

But with the use of Nuacem’s Conversational AI, you can easily integrate back-end systems and services and slot them into the user journey to deliver more accurate and complete answers.

With the Conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, a customer can solve simple (Eliminating mundane tasks) to complex problems such as loan approvals and ticket bookings. Enterprises can deliver a superior experience to your users.

Enhancing customer service with AI-based insights

Another biggest concern for the contact center is quality management.

You may think a quality team monitors the calls recorded in the contact center to understand user interests better.

But in traditional contact centers, maintaining quality management is a huge burden for companies as they don’t deliver high ROI.

All these can be resolved with the assimilation of Conversational AI in your contact center.

With this technology, contact center software will accrue more data and insight from each customer interaction.

Human agents are mainly focused on the call, not on note-taking, whereas virtual agents will do both at a time.

It gives complete insights about what people call, how they need help, successful responses offered by VA, what types of reactions worked, and many more.

The VA will learn and become smarter every day based on the intents asked by the users. As far as the customer is fretful, the experience is seamless.

Tips to follow to select a Conversational AI platform

Enterprises are struggling while choosing the Conversational AI service provider with several options available.

But, the authenticity is that not all of them are premeditated for the contact center. By choosing them, enterprises are not able to provide a seamless customer experience to the users.

I look forward to that these tips will help in selecting the right Conversational AI platform:

  • Centralized knowledge management control
  • Assimilate live agents and Chatbots
  • Combine AI and human input (Augmented Intelligence)
  • Choose an experienced solution vendor


Customers always want immediate and convenient services, and businesses need to automate their contact centers accordingly.

With a Conversational AI-powered contact center, a customer can approach the organization through any channel and language of his choice, whether calls, emails, messaging apps, etc.

And contact centers need to evaluate whether Conversational AI offerings will fit into their overall customer experience journey plan.

Are you still a traditional contact center and struggling to serve your customers at your best?

Do you need a solution to serve your customer at best?

If so, get in touch with us.

Nuacem will help you in building a platform to seamlessly serve your customers.

Stay tuned with us for more exciting updates on Conversational AI.



-- is one of the world’s leading Conversational AI suite. Nuacem is an AI-powered Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform that offers the full features

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Nuacem AI

Nuacem AI is one of the world’s leading Conversational AI suite. Nuacem is an AI-powered Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform that offers the full features

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